Brand Manager (Vivo Global)

Job Description

  1. Conduct market research and analysis, continuous monitoring of market trends, consumer behavior and competitors' activities in order to propose the most effective ways for the development of the brand awareness and recognition;
  2. Responsible for brand development projects pertaining to advertising, promotions, creative projects, public relations and event management;
  3. Assist local marketing department to build branding team;
  4. Work closely with local team in planning and landing of printed ads materials in sales terminal;
  5. Assist for important local branding promotion campaigns, ensure final implementation and delivery is running smoothly;
  6. Prepare annual report for local branding assets assessment;
  7. Any other duties which may be assigned from time to time. 


  1. Local resident or local Chinese, bachelor degree or above in marketing, communication and advertising preferred, fluent in local languages & Mandarin, both oral and written;
  2. Sensitive to market trends, passion in branding management;
  3. Resourceful in local public relations, experienced in branding promotion;
  4. Proactive and excellent interpersonal communication and organizational skills, able to work under pressure and tight deadlines

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